Why It’s Better to Hire a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle

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In a construction zone, the quality of a job well done depends on many things — equipment, tools, plans, workers, and more. Hiring a professional traffic control planner in Seattle instead of having an in-house team not only leaves less on your plate but also makes you more efficient while ensuring the highest level of safety on the site.

Why You Should Hire a Traffic Control Planner

Outsourcing traffic control to seasoned veterans makes sense for many construction projects. Here are two significant benefits of hiring a traffic control planner:

  • Get What You Need, Only When You Need It

Superior traffic control requires a lot of moving parts. Specialized traffic safety equipment include portable barriers, delineator tubes, traffic barricades, traffic cones, traffic channelizer drums, and more.

Purchasing your equipment is naturally expensive, not to mention inconvenient and runs the risk of safety hazards without experienced controllers.

When you hire a traffic control agency, they’ll take care of equipment rental for you and make sure everything arrives at the site on time. You get what you need and in the right quantities no matter how big the project is. Better yet, they can also undertake site breakdown on your behalf once the project is over.

  • Protect the Site with Certified Controllers

A critical benefit of hiring traffic control service in Seattle is access to certified and correctly trained controllers. The quality of traffic control on your site depends exclusively on how well the traffic controllers know their job.

With a job so important and complex like traffic control, you need people whose core competency is providing the best possible traffic safety to work sites. Why spend precious time, money, and workforce trying to build your traffic control team when you can simply hire professionals for the job?

When you work with the right traffic control company, you’re guaranteed an expert team of flaggers who understand state laws, municipal guidelines, and are adept at handling emergencies.

Tips on Hiring Traffic Control in Seattle

There are plenty of traffic control agencies in Seattle, but only a handful can deliver excellent traffic control. Here’s what to look for in potential partners:

  • Strong Qualifications

The state of Washington follows specific traffic control guidelines. Therefore, select a certified professional flagger in Seattle that has undergone a comprehensive, eight-hour training with a Washington State instructor.

In addition, consider who’s leading the agency. How many years have they worked in the industry? Who are the contractors they’ve worked with? Partnership with some of the biggest contractors in the state is an excellent sign.

  • Comprehensive Services

You want a traffic control provider who’ll take care of everything you need from start to finish. Therefore, look into the other services they offer.

Aside from traffic control, check if they also provide labor support such as rolling slowdowns, detours, closures, and material handling. Pilot automobile services is a plus as well since not all companies offer this.

Call T&T Traffic Control for Exceptional Traffic Control

With some of the most diverse and highly trained traffic control planner in Seattle, T&T Traffic Control brings the first-rate level of safety to any work zone. Call us at 206-356-0140 and let’s discuss the ideal traffic control package for you.

With T&T Traffic Control, you can concentrate on your operational timeline while our crew takes care of on-work safety, traffic flow, logistics, and more!