Quality Traffic Control Services and Certified Professional Flaggers in Seattle

T&T Traffic Control is your one-stop agency for onsite traffic control solutions and certified professional flaggers in Seattle and Washington State. We hold traffic flow, road safety, and work zone safety to the highest standard, ensuring that every factor involved in the operation goes smoothly as planned.

The T&T Traffic Control Team

At T&T Traffic Control, we recognize the capability of minorities and women to serve their community in the field of traffic control. As an equal opportunity employer, we are proud to have a diverse workforce. It is no surprise, therefore, that our fleet of workers is recognized as the foremost collection of traffic controllers and certified flaggers in Washington.

Our team has undergone intensive training in directing traffic and flagging, as well as hours of exposure to real life work zone management. Trust that our dedication to ensuring safety during road closures and heavy traffic is unmatched.

Our Services

On every work zone setup, T&T Traffic Control is there to make sure traffic goes smoothly and successfully. We take extreme care of vehicles, pedestrians, and even animals involved.

Our years of experience with work zones have enabled us to widen our expertise in this field. Through time, we have expanded our knowledge of traffic control and flagging to come up with the most comprehensive services in Washington.


Traffic Control

Keep your projects moving on schedule with our traffic control solutions. As a seasoned traffic control expert, Tracey Freeman’s commitment to the well-being of workers and pedestrians at job sites has guided T&T Traffic Control in providing superior traffic control.

You can leave it to our well-trained staff to implement smooth traffic flow and road safety at your work zone through proper traffic redirecting, pedestrian assistance detour, and closure setups.

Traffic Control Specialists

Certified Professional Flaggers and Traffic Control Supervisors

We take pride in having the most qualified and diverse fleet of Traffic Control Supervisors and Certified Professional Flaggers in Seattle. Each of our team members has specialized expertise for all road and weather conditions.

With their knowledge of numerous Washington city layouts and extensive training acquired through the years, the T&T Traffic Control team’s commitment to road safety and quality traffic control is second to none.


Comprehensive Site Set Up and Breakdown Services

At T&T Traffic Control, we believe that the proper set up of work zones is critical for the safety of the workers, motorists, pedestrians, and even animals. That is why we don’t scrimp when it comes to our traffic control and flagging setups.

From setting up the work site to dismantling post-project, you can rely on T&T Traffic Control to cover crucial details of your operation, from top to bottom.

labour love

Labor Support Services

Need extra labor to cover critical roles in your operation? We offer a comprehensive list of labor support services for work zone operations, covering all your demands on time.

Our services range from material handling, pedestrian assistance, traffic plans, and equipment rentals, rolling slowdowns, detours, and closures. Let’s talk about the scope of your operation, so we can provide you with what you need!


Pilot Automobiles

Our traffic control team recognizes that safety starts with learning about and managing loads and routes. They are well-trained to initiate and maintain communication exchanges with the load movement team, provide support for the operations team, and serve as traffic guide to motorists.

Our specialized fleet of pilot vehicles is always ready- ensuring safety around flagged work zones and maintaining an open climate of cooperation among team members.

T&T Traffic Control Solutions

Focus on your operational timeline and go about your construction unimpeded, while our intensively-trained crew takes care of the logistics, traffic flow, and on-work safety matters around it!

Feel free to discuss with us your project requirements. We will make sure that we understand your project details before we send you a contract estimate and put together a team of highly-qualified individuals for traffic control and flagging service.

Contact us at 206-356-0140 or email us at tracey@tandttrafficcontrol.com for a traffic control package suited to you.