Key Indicators of Effective Traffic Control Services in Seattle

To the untrained eye, traffic control services in Seattle may seem like a simple concept. The truth is that traffic management is a complex and vital component of safe and efficient worksites. However, not all flaggers are highly effective at their job, and when you have to protect the project, workers, pedestrians, and everything in between, you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to excellence.

If these three aspects are present in your worksite, then it’s a sign that you’ve chosen the right traffic flaggers for the job.


The cornerstone of professional and quality traffic control in Seattle is having a formal plan right from the start. Worksites can be very unpredictable, and without a solid plan, unexpected events can threaten the safety of workers and the public. A good traffic management plan should address:

  • Unforeseen conveyance of heavy machinery
  • The ideal flow of vehicular and foot traffic
  • Well-defined hierarchy of management and roles on the site

Having guidelines in place to deal with potential issues is a hallmark of a reliable traffic control provider. This reduces risk and empowers flaggers to deal swiftly and properly with emergencies should anything go wrong.


It is critical that traffic flaggers possess a high level of skills, training, and knowledge for the job. Traffic control management is only as good as the flaggers who enforce it on the ground.

  • Traffic flaggers should be well-versed in signs, when they should be used, and where.
  • They should also understand official traffic manoeuvers and predict when they will most likely be needed.
  • They should be skilled and knowledgeable in correct traffic signaling.

Furthermore, traffic flaggers should be adept at multitasking. Busy worksites involve continuously changing pedestrian and vehicle patterns, so flaggers must be able to monitor these while staying in communication with the worksite head for any updates to the original traffic management plan. This kind of skill is the fruit of years of experience and passion for the job.


One of the most underrated, yet vital, elements of a great traffic controller is their instinct for spotting danger before it happens.

Anything and everything can happen on worksites. A superior traffic control agency in Seattle will only deploy experienced flaggers armed with the basic skill sets of security personnel. These skills will enable them to enhance oversight for whatever task they’re accomplishing.

T&T Traffic Control: Your Trusted Service Provider

Never settle for second best when it comes to traffic control management in Seattle.

T&T Traffic Control employs some of the best Traffic Control Supervisors (TCS) and flaggers in the State of Washington, and we have strong relationships with some of the largest contractors in the Pacific Northwest.

In addition to providing excellent traffic control management, we also offer complementary labor support services such as traffic plans, pedestrian assistance, equipment rentals, detours, and many more.

T&T Traffic Control will bring more than a decade of experience to whatever project you have. Call us today at 206-356-0140 to learn how we can secure and protect your worksite.