Construction Work Zone Guide for Passing Motorists from Your Certified Professional Flagger in Seattle

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Highway maintenance specialists, electric utility crews, and other construction workers are in danger when motorists do not acknowledge traffic barrels and other traffic signals. For heightened awareness and alertness along roadway projects, it is important that motorists cooperate with certified flaggers in Seattle. Read more

Become a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle and Improve Roadway Work Zone Safety

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Maintaining road safety is one of the most significant responsibilities of a traffic control planner in Seattle. Their duties go over and beyond maintaining traffic flow in construction sites. Below, we break down the most important traits that project managers look for in a traffic flagger. Read more

Why It’s Better to Hire a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle

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In a construction zone, the quality of a job well done depends on many things — equipment, tools, plans, workers, and more. Hiring a professional traffic control planner in Seattle instead of having an in-house team not only leaves less on your plate but also makes you more efficient while ensuring the highest level of safety on the site. Read more