Become a Traffic Control Planner in Seattle and Improve Roadway Work Zone Safety

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Maintaining road safety is one of the most significant responsibilities of a traffic control planner in Seattle. Their duties go over and beyond maintaining traffic flow in construction sites. Below, we break down the most important traits that project managers look for in a traffic flagger.

Most Sought After Qualities of Flaggers

After acquiring your certification as a traffic flagger, the toughest test begins. Here are some standout qualities that project directors expect from their flaggers:

  • Flaggers can manage the toughest situations.

Traffic flaggers are equipped with the necessary skills to direct traffic flow safely and confidently.  It is inevitable to have motorists who are incensed because of the traffic in the construction site. Your traffic control service in Seattle should patiently and effectively deal with the situation.

  • Good flaggers are always on top of things.

Flaggers know how to control any situation. With pilot vehicles at their disposal, they can attend to emergencies when needed. From setting up the work-site along the road, right down to the breakdown, flaggers see to it that everything is attended to.

  • Great flaggers always have the necessary equipment.

Flaggers are well informed about the project requirements. They have a detailed inventory of stop/slow paddles, traffic safety batons, and traffic cones, as well as the designated points for each equipment. They also have the proper fleet of pilot vehicles on hand, ready to respond to any roadside situation.

  • Flaggers care about the welfare of everyone involved in the project.

When in a traffic situation, flaggers always look out for the safety of both motorists and pedestrians. Even one misstep can be dangerous, and it is the duty of the traffic control supervisor to ensure that no one gets hurt. Flaggers are always ready to assist pedestrians and drivers on the road.

  • Traffic controllers also double as labor support providers.

Sometimes, managing a roadside project requires the onsite team to fulfill additional roles. Specially trained flaggers are aware of these circumstances; that’s why they take on extra roles to expedite the project completion.

With the aforementioned qualities and strong coordination between the project manager and traffic controllers, any project is on track to become an overwhelming success!

Get Flaggers You Can Totally Count On

For a certified professional flagger service in Seattle, T&T Traffic Control is the name you can trust. Our diverse staff of minorities and women exemplifies professionalism at its finest.

No matter how tedious your roadside project is, our team is there to guide traffic flow from the start up to the very end. Call us at 206-356-0140 and let’s help make your construction effort a success!